CCW Youth is a collective of young people who are passionate about Community and Intimacy with God. Our mission is to ‘Make Disciples and Disciple-Makers’ as per our mandate in Matthew 28:19. We are a family of people who care for each other and we invite you to be part of it.

CCW Youth runs multiple programs that are designed to build a culture of family among every young person who walks in the door. From high-energy activity nights, thoughtful study nights and our monthly Youth Rally with intimate worship and captivating messages.

We welcome everyone, regardless of school, church home, faith, gender, sexuality or worldview to join us in the loving pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Weekly Events:
Youth program every Thursday night (with the exception of special events which may fall on another day) for years 7-12.

Special Events:
CCW Youth runs special events such as Trivia Nights, Leader Hunts, Camps and Youth Alive Events throughout the year. We are also regular participants of the State Youth Games.

You are welcome to be part of our family.






Every Sunday at 9:30am

1-29 Wills Street, Warragul, VIC 3820

Phone  |  0493 250 149

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Facebook  |  @ccwarragul

Instagram  |  @ccwchurch

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