The Rally is an exciting worship service run by and for the young people of Gippsland! Our vision is ‘Unity in the intimate pursuit of Jesus’.

We are passionate about young people encountering Jesus in new and fresh ways, growing not only in their understanding of who Jesus is, but their intimacy with Him. We see a range of churches represented at each Rally service and we love that! We are united by the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and love to see everyone go back to their home church and spread the love of Jesus in different ways.

The Rally hosts amazing speakers, fantastic worship and great community! Whilst it is hosted by Community Church Warragul, it is run by different people from different churches, with the goal to raise up a generation for Jesus, regardless of church home.

You are welcome to join us in the intimate pursuit of Jesus.





Every Sunday at 9:30am

1-29 Wills Street, Warragul, VIC 3820

Phone  |  0493 250 149

Email  |

Facebook  |  @ccwarragul

Instagram  |  @ccwchurch

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