CCW is the 24/7 life of every follower of Jesus in our church family. CCW exists wherever and whenever our people are,
and CCW works wherever and whenever our lives surrender to the work of Jesus Christ in and through us.
Everything we have and do is aimed at helping every follower of Jesus seek to know Christ and make Him known, in all aspects of our lives, 24/7.

As such we are commited to be people who are:

Pursuing God, Loving the Family, Growing in Generosity, Giving our Best to the Body, Living and Sharing the Gospel.

CCW is part of the Christian Community Churches movement, wherein we celebrate our movement distinctives and affirm our statement of faith.

Every Sunday at 9:30am

1-29 Wills Street, Warragul, VIC 3820

Phone  |  0493 250 149

Email  |  admin@ccw.org.au

Facebook  |  @ccwarragul

Instagram  |  @ccwchurch

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